1. The student has to pass the admission test which is applied from (1-12)
  2. The registration fees will be paid after passing the entrance exam.
  3. The students complete folder containing                                                                                                         Attach the following documents: – The student should have
    • A Copy of the birth certificate.
    • A Copy of the health certificate (vaccination record)
    • A Copy of the father’s passport and ID/ Iqama.
    • A Copy of the mother’s passport and ID/ Iqama.
    • A Copy of the student’s passport and ID/ Iqama.
    • 4 recent photographs (passport size).
    • A financial clearance letter from the previous school (local schools).
    • Approving and stamping the last two certificates from the Ministry of Exterior and the Saudi Embassy for those who are coming from abroad.
  4.  The first installment gets paid.