Programs and projects

28 June, 2021 2:23 PM

The idea of educational programs and projects is one of the things that educators always advocate, and attention increases as the search for an attractive learning environment grows that gives students abilities and methods in dealing with the vessels of modern information and the requirements of life in a useful scientific way that serves the individual himself and makes him an active member of his community.


From this point of view, we have been keen on the diversity of programs that suit teachers and learners, take into account individual tendencies, interests and differences and keep up with everything new internally and externally in the era of cognitive explosion and artificial intelligence.
1. The Project of the Loyal Educator Teacher
2. Educational Values System Project
3. Inheritance project (Teacher No. 11)
Challenge Project
5. Teachers' Rank Project
6- Al-Adana (Be Prepared)
Empowerment Project
8. Learning Outputs Project
9. Verification project
10. Noor Al Bayan Project
11. Future Leader Project
12. Student Shura Council
13. The road to the labour market
14. Experience Weeks Project
15. Educational Lieutenant Project
16. Gifted Care Project
17. Teachers' Professional Certificate
18 - Robot Club Project
19. First-care student project (academic support)
Quality and International Accreditation Project